BONE SODA is a protean project that bridges music with design and culture. It lives outside the confines of a record label or party series, and is driven by the creative energy of the community behind it

Founded by Skinny Macho, Truce Susan, and Sofie SOS — it started as a now-and-again no-frills party/project out of boredom & frustration of (then) London’s clubbing scene. Quickly noticing how the parties served as a hotbed in providing a space for international friends who came into town and wanted to play some jams, let of some steam.
Since then it has taken shape as a record label, releasing the likes of your faves — slowthai, Jaxxon D.Silva, Michul Kuun aka NAH, LoVibe, Clark and The Community, Bekah CC + more

Currently with a team consisting of 5 people Truce, Robyn, Diogo, Tommy, and Skinny Macho, they operate as Record Label & Creative Studio.