Digital Resources

Demystifying and democratising the industry

Fashion is an industry that has long been shrouded in mystery – which means that, if you don’t have knowledge passed on by a friend or family member, it can feel impossible to understand. Hearing leading industry figures honestly and openly discuss their journeys, the issues they’ve faced, and lessons that they have learned along the way will help normalise a new dialogue rooted in transparency.

We want to democratise the knowledge of how the fashion industry operates – from how a photo shoot is produced, to the role of a stylist’s assistant – as well as illuminating the lesser-known but vital jobs within it. Education is key: we want to ensure that everyone enters the industry on even footing, understanding what each potential job entails and how to do it best, as well as how to recognise and stand against unacceptable behavior.

In 2021, we will host:

➭ YouTube video panels between leading industry figures addressing issues of representation and access

➭ YouTube video conversations demystifying the practical side of the industry 

➭ Group Zoom seminars and workshops with students

➭ A podcast interview series